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Illuminati Toddler Sweatshirt

Duncan Trussell. Awesome Merch. A match made in Heaven?

Yes. The answer is yes. Buy now and feel better about yourself! 

All Duncan Trussell products are individually hand made by in the good ole' USA.

In order to bring such stunning designs to life we utilize sorcery and unicorn tears that produces an extremely vibrant and soft finished product with a lifetime print that will never fade. 

  • Vivid seam to seam print that will never fade, decolorize, or wear
  • Cotton Fleece Fluff Interior, 100% Polyester Exterior
  • Product will never shrink
  • Printed in the United States
  • Hood Liner

All of our products are made to order in the USA. Please allow 1-7 business days for our products to be manufactured and shipped.