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  • How long will my sweet shirt take to ship?

Each Duncan Trussell Apparel product is made to order in the United States of America. Average shipping times are 3-7 days. Our clothes are way nicer than the other bullshit you buy online, so order easy and know that you are getting a high quality USA made one of a kind product. 

  • How much does shipping cost?

Your shipping cost will be calculated based on order weight, size, and current international rates for your country. We charge you less than the actual cost to ship and costs will vary. You can see the final shipping charge at the final screen of the checkout process.

  • Has my order shipped yet?

We will send you a shipping confirmation email when the order goes out that will have your tracking number. Be sure to check your spam folder before emailing us. If you used Paypal, an email may have been sent to the email address setup with them.

  • Do you ship internationally?

We ship anywhere that's not filled with too many shitty ass scammers! If for some reason you go to check out and it shows otherwise, contact us!

  • I'm international. Will I have to pay VAT or customs fees in addition to shipping costs?

Depending on your country, your package may incur local customs or VAT charges that we are unable to prepay or even predict. Governments are greedy assholes and we apologize for that.Duncan Trussell Apparel is not responsible for international taxes, duties or other tariffs your government may charge.

You can tell us to mark your package as "gift" during checkout in the "Add a note to your order" field. These packages are charged considerably less in taxes or may not be taxed at all.

However, you should check with your local customs office to find out what qualifies a package to be classified as a gift, and how it affects the charges you will incur locally such as taxes, duties, or other tariffs. Misuse of the "gift" designation may result in your package being delayed at customs, or even returned to us.


  • I'm international. Is it normal for orders to take this long once shipped?

International shipping times vary from 7-15 days. Once we send out the order, it is in the postal services hands and we have no control over how long it takes to get to you from there. If the status does not change on your tracking number for longer than 15 days, try calling your local postal service. Once it leaves the US, your order is transferred from USPS to your countries local postal service.

  • My order has been in customs long enough for me to worry. Is this normal?

Orders going through customs do vary on time depending on that customs office. If you are worried that your order has not updated in awhile, try giving them a call. Sometimes they hold on to orders and will not let customers know unless they get a hold of them.

  • What shipping service do you use?

Domestic Orders

We use USPS for all domestic orders. All orders will be sent USPS First Class (3-5 business days) unless they weigh over than 15 oz. Then they will automatically be upgraded to Priority Mail 2 day shipping (after we ship it out, this will not affect the time it takes us to process out your order).

International Orders

We use USPS to ship the order out, but right when it leaves the US it becomes a part of your countries local postal service. If you are having any trouble with your order, contact your countries local post office and not USPS. USPS can no longer give any info on the order once it leaves the US. Average transit times vary from 7-15 days on all international orders. Sometimes longer depending on customs.


  • What materials do you use?

Unlike other brands we directly source our own fabrics and do 100% of all production in-house. We're really particular about the feel of our clothes. All of our products have that "next-level" feel. Our premium fabrics are guaranteed to be some of the softest clothes you'll ever have felt.

There are several benefits:  

- High resolution images  
- All-over print with unlimited colors  
- You cant 'feel' the ink on the shirt and colors never fade  
-  Our shirts don't shrink

  • Why are there blank spaces on my shirt?

On blast print products occasionally expect to see a small number of white streaks in the transition areas. These are generally negligible and do not detract from the super high quality of the garment. Each item is truly handmade, and one-of-a-kind. 

  • Got a sizing chart I can look at?

Yes! See HERE


  • What is your return policy?

At Duncan Trussell Apparel, it's all about the customer, baby - if you don’t love your order, please reach out to us. 

- In order to be considered for a return, items must me unworn and in pristine condition.

- If you received a damaged item, please reach out to us and we will adjudicate

-In the event of a return, the refunded amount will be transferred back into the card used to place the order, or through your Paypal account. Funds are transferred back into your bank account within 3-5 days after we have completed the refund.

  • What is your exchange policy?

Need a different size, design, or want to upgrade an item? Be sure to keep the item in pristine (unworn) condition. We do not pay for the shipping back to our facility. We will try to accommodate all customer requests. 



  • I made a mistake with my shipping address. Is it too late to change it?

If you catch it in time and we have not shipped it out yet, contact us immediately. 

  • I realized I ordered the wrong size or item and it still hasn't shipped. Can I fix this?

If you catch it in time and we have not shipped it out yet, contact us immediately and we will try to modify the order prior to production. 

  • I received a damage or misprinted item. How can we fix this?

Please contact us HERE. Please note that we will require photographic evidence of the defect. Also all defects must be claimed within 7 days of receipt. We will make any defects right and will show no mercy in punishing the the one responsible!!

  • My order was lost in the mail. How do I arrange a replacement?

If your tracking status shows that your order was delivered and it is no where to be found, give it 3 days and make sure to ask your neighbors if they came across any shirts that look like an acid trip. Most of the time orders show up a couple days after due to forces out of my control. 

No luck with finding it? Contact us HERE

INTERNATIONAL - Try contacting your local post office first, sometimes they are holding on to your order even after it shows delivered.

  • I am a 14 year old girl trapped in an alien body. What do I do??

Order our unisex sizing! This should be perfect for you.